THE ETERNALS aka Dirty Ali & Funky Farid and Monsieur Club

> Biography

Three DJ producers, Dirty Ali, Funky Farid and Monsieur Club, based in the South of France, have come together to form a group called The Eternals.
Astropioneers is their first album. Composed like an original retro -futuristic motion picture soundtrack, this album recounts the adventure of three " Astropioneers " on a quest for the interstellar Grail, in a musical universe that was partly inspired by John Carpenter. Some of the songs are dance-floor house and electro-techno hits (Astropioneers, Andromeda Gate, Rebel's Revenge...), whereas the others songs cover the more somber part of the story and are less rhythmical, with more intricate harmonies and keyboard arrangements (Time Bomb, Zero gravity...). Finally, thanks to their collaboration with Benjamin Diamond, they found the alchemy necessary for the closing credits of this imaginary film, with the song " Strange World ".
This album may be a new approach to electronic music, increasingly spiritual and uncanny, yet hedonistic, and written to be played from beginning to end without interruption and listened to like a story.

This is not a first for Dirty Ali & Funky Farid. Fervent enthusiasts from the outset, they are actively involved in the electronic music trend. Since 1992, they have been DJs for a weekly radio show in collaboration with several others including Alan Braxe. The program is essentially electronic and extensively covers all musical trends such as funk, house music and techno.
The two brothers, Dirty Ali and Funky Farid, began by organizing their own parties. Then they started hiring out their DJ duo for numerous musical events in southern Europe (France and Spain), followed by the most famous Parisian nightclubs such as the Rex, Gibus, L'Enfer and the Bataclan. Under the name "The Eternals", they are currently on tour in South East Asia and Western Europe.
In 1996, Dirty Ali and Funky Farid set up their own home studio (Vinyl Fever Studio) and signed their project under the name of VINYL FEVER and ALTERED BEAST in collaboration with Madji'k. In 1999, they released their first records under prestigious Parisian labels such as Versatile-Discothèque, 20 000 st, Vertigo, Curved and Diamondtraxx.

Monsieur Club initially discovered electronic music and synthesizers with his first group " Fiendish Fib ". In 1997, together with his friends Chiquinho and Sentos, he formed the Group " Hypno-Love " and began to deejay a Radio show called " Dites 33 " (with DJ Chab and Chiquinho), where he learned the art of mixing. Several " underground " parties were organized within the framework of this show. The first long versions by Hypno-Love were released in 1999 under the Confusion label. Monsieur Club has also collaborated with video makers and plastic artists on installation and performance projects.

After the release of the song " Wrath of Zeus ", the single from the " Waves " compilation on Crydamoure (the record label that Guy Manuel de Homen-Christo (Daft Punk) works under), The Eternals finally chose Diamondtraxx, Benjamin Diamond's label (Stardust, Strange Attitude) for their first album, the original motion picture soundtrack for the Science Fiction film "Astropioneers" (to be released at the beginning of 2003). Here, they were able to use their extensive melodic and harmonic range without abandoning their predilection for dance floor, as seen in their first long versions of "Andromeda gate" and " Astropioneers ", already applauded by: Laurent Garnier, Cosmo Vitelli, Junior Sanchez, Pete Tong .


> Discography

The Eternals :
- March 2003: "Astropioneers" album release (Diamondtraxx/Capitol)
- January 2003: " Astropioneers " remixes by Junior Sanchez, DMX Krew, Del Wire (Diamondtraxx/Capitol)
-December 2002: Remix of Cosmo Vitelli, Synthetic Disco Remix of "Robot Soul" (Labels/Solid)
-October 2002: Remix of Wuz (Demon & Alex Gopher) "Without you" (Solid)
- May 2001: " Astropioneers " diam 603 ep (Diamondtraxx)
- June 2001: " Walk for me / Andromeda gate " (Diamondtraxx)
- November 2000: Remix of Benjamin Diamond " Little Scare " (Diamondtraxx/Sony-Epic)
- June 2000: " Wrath of Zeus " on CRYDAMOURE 011, Guy-Manuel DE HOMEN CHRISTO (DAFT PUNK) 's label.

Dirty Ali & Funky Farid & specials projects (Altered Beast aka Dirty Ali, Funky Farid & Madji'k)

-May 2002: Altered Beast " No More Mister Nice Guy "/ "Road Warriors" - Curved 002
- February 2002: Altered Beast " " Release " & " Release the Beast " - Curved 001
- February 2001: Vinyl Fever " Born in heaven " et " The Prophet " on VERTIGO ref. 006
- September 2001: Altered Beast " Ghost train " and " Wonder wheel " on 20000ST Demon's label.
- June 2001: Dirty Ali & Funky Farid remix of Jess and Crabbe's "hell & back" on Fiat Lux rec.
- April 2001: Vinyl Fever remix of Interface's " La règle " on na'copa jazz compilation
- December 2000: Vinyl Fever " Electronic for children " on DIAMOND TRAXX ref. 601 (Paris
- September 2000: Vinyl Fever remix of Madjik's " Midnight Trap " remix on VOX ref. 002 (Paris) /VERTIGO.
- April 2000: Vinyl Fever " Times and places " 3 tract on VERTIGO ref. 004 (Paris).
- May 99: Vinyl Fever " Spank that hip " and " Old times "on DISCOTHEQUE ref. 001 (Paris), sub-division of VERSATILE owned by Dj Gilb'R.

Monsieur Club & Hypno Love.

- August 2002: Hypno-Love "Smashing Heat" on the compilation " I hear voices " (Record Makers)
- March 2002: Bernard Lubat remix with Dj Chab on Aljamo Rec. compilation of remixes.
- September 1999 : Hypno Love :Euro-Love ep (Confusion Rec.)

> Gigs : The Eternals in 2002, most of them with Benjamin Diamond

21st - February: Paris - Le Rex Club - Crydamoure Party
29th- March Singapore - Centro Club
30th - March Jakarta - Musro Club
5th - April Bangkok - Ministry of Sound
6th - April Hong Kong - C Club
19th- -April Geneva - Liquid Club
27th -April Bordeaux - Le 4 Sans Club
28th -April Marseille - New Cancan
30th -April Montpellier - La Villa Rouge
10th - May Lyon - Fish Club
11th - May Belfort (FR)- La Poudrière
15th - June Moscow -Serzei Club
6th - July Saarbrucken (Germany)- Garage Club
11th -July Dour Festival (Belgium) with Ken Ishii, Soul Designer, Rolando…
12th - July Berlin - Ostgut club -Label's party with Perlon & Ladomat
24th -July Marseille - le Bazaard
27th -July St Malo (FR)- l'Escalier
9th- Nov. Paris - Festival Les Inrockuptibles - le Rex - Live Machines/video
13th - Dec. Cologne - Club 172
14th - Dec. Berlin - Ostgut Club